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They say it’s all about the company you keep, to surround yourself with those who challenge you, push you, and bring out the best in you. Choose people you aspire to be like. So we did. And the result is The District Edina.


Gregory Rich, the owner of The District Edina and Habitation Design, initially envisioned The District Edina as a collective of showrooms working together to complement each other, to better the experience for the consumer, and to achieve a reputation of excellence that would bring people back time and time again because of the caliber of and outcome they had.


And after some trial, error, and a little thing called the pandemic, Greg’s vision has increasingly become a reality.


“We’re not just filling real estate, we have intentionally courted a specific echelon of business. Those who fit the image of who we want to surround ourselves with, who match our vision for the experience we wanted the client to have.”


“We realize that the caliber of the person running the businesses and showrooms needed to be equal to or surpass the level of product or service they provide.” 


“While we are all independent businesses within The District, but the spirit of this building is one of innovation, respect, comradery, beauty, and excellence in product and service. These are the core principles that we have all agreed need exist here to make the client experience an exceptional one”.

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